Warden Hill Community Centre

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Warden Hill Community Centre

Hire Charges (One-Off Hires)

Please contact us to discuss details of regular hires.


A deposit of £50.00 is required to secure a booking.  Parties must be booked for a minimum of 3 hours.  All bookings are to conclude at 10:45 pm.  The Centre must be cleaned and left by 11:30 pm.

For more information, please click on the relevant buttons above or phone Heather Tiller, the Lettings Secretary, on

07931 964 083 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm daily. Evening calls only if necessary.

When contacting Heather, please mention this website.

Click here for a copy of the Conditions of Hire (to be retained by all Applicants).  This may take a few moments to open.

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Warden Hill Community Centre

Weekdays up to 6:00 pm

£14.50 per hour

Weekdays after 6:00 pm and Weekends up to 6:00 pm

£18.50 per hour

Weekends after 6:00 pm  

£24.50 per hour

General Committee

Warden Hill Community Association

October 2012


1.  Use of the Centre:  
Use of the Community Centre and its facilities is subject to the following rules and, in the case of hirers, to certain standard conditions incorporated in the hiring agreement.

2.  Applying to use the Centre:

  1. Application for the use of the Centre shall be made to the Lettings Secretary.
  1. The right to refuse any application for the use of Centre facilities is reserved to the General Committee, or the Lettings Secretary, provided that the Lettings Secretary reports his/her action to the next meeting of the General Committee.
  2. All arrangements for the use of Centre facilities are subject to the Association reserving the right to cancel bookings.
  3. Sections and affiliated groups of the Association shall normally have priority use of its facilities.

3.  Hours of Opening:

Facilities at the Community Centre are normally available for the use of its members and of outside hirers between the hours of 9:00 am and 10:30 pm on weekdays, between 9:00 am and 11:30 pm on Saturdays and between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm on Sundays. In exceptional cases, these hours may be extended on application to the General Committee.  All parties or similar events held on a Saturday must end at 10:45 pm and the Centre vacated by 11:30 pm.

4.  Maximum Capacity:  

The Centre has a maximum capacity of 100 Dancing; 80 Dining only; 100 closely seated (these figures include helpers and performers), and on no account shall these figures be exceeded.  A maximum of 50 persons will be permitted in the Centre for any party or similar booking, unless the consent of the General Committee is given to exceed this number.

5.  Safety Requirements:  

All conditions attached to the granting of any Public Entertainments Licence, stage play and other licences shall be strictly observed. Nothing shall be done which will endanger the users of the building, and the policies of insurance relating to it and to its contents.  In particular:

  1. Obstructions must not be placed in front of the two emergency exits, which must be immediately available for free public egress.
  1. Fire-fighting apparatus shall be kept in its proper place and only used for its intended purpose.
  2. The Fire Brigade shall be called to any outbreak of fire, and details of the occurrence shall be given to the Association Secretary.
  3. Performances involving danger to the public shall not be given.
  4. Highly inflammable substances shall not be brought into nor used in any part of the premises.  No internal decorations of a combustible nature (e.g. Polystyrene, cotton etc.) shall be undertaken or erected without the consent of the General Committee.
  5. No unauthorised heating or electrical appliances shall be used on the premises.
  6. The First Aid box shall be readily available to all users of the premises.  The Association Secretary shall be informed of any accident or injury occurring on the premises.

6.  Supervision:  

The person in charge of an activity shall not be under 21 years of age and shall be on the premises for the duration of the activity. For every ten persons attending the Centre, not less than one person over the age of 21 years shall be in attendance on the premises at all times for the duration of the activity.  Such person(s) shall not be engaged in any duties which prevent him/her/them from exercising general supervision.  This rule may only be varied with the consent of the General Committee.

7.  Safety of Young Children.

No activities or groups involving young children under eight years of age will be permitted on the premises except with the written agreement of the General Committee, which will require that the relevant provisions of the Children Act 1989 and any conditions required by the Social Services Department are complied with before giving such permission.  In the case of affiliated groups or outside hirers, it is the responsibility of the organisers of the activities concerned to ensure that only fit and proper persons have access to young children and that such persons shall at all times be in attendance upon young children who are on the premises for the activities concerned.

8.  Supply of Food and Drink:  

As the Centre is not registered as food premises, the hirer shall, if preparing, serving or selling food observe all relevant food, health and hygiene legislation and regulations. They must remove all food/liquids brought to the premises, when vacating.

9.  Intoxicating Liquor:   

No intoxicating liquors are permitted to be bought, sold or consumed on any part of the premises without the express permission in writing of the General Committee, whose consent must also be obtained prior to seeking an Occasional Licence or Permission for the sale of alcoholic liquor. All alcohol, cordials, cider and mineral waters etc. must be purchased from the “Warden” Public House, or direct from Whitbread Breweries.

10.  Music in the Centre:  

The premises are not licensed with the Performing Rights Society for the perforce of copyright music.  All users must notify the Association Secretary if music is to be played or performed on the premises and obtained the necessary applications for licences from the Performing Rights Society, and Phonographic Performances Ltd.

11.  Betting Gaming and Lotteries:  

Nothing shall be done on or in relation to the premises in contravention of the law relating to betting, gaming and lotteries, and the persons or organisations responsible for functions held in the Centre premises shall ensure that the requirements of the relevant legislation are strictly observed.

12.  Stage Plays:  

The Association Secretary must be given at least four weeks notice of a stage play production, so that the appropriate licence may be obtained from the Council, which itself requires three weeks notice.

13.  Storage:  

The permission of the General Committee must be obtained before goods or equipment are left or stored at the Community Centre, except that the Letting Secretary is authorised to grant permission for the overnight storage of goods and equipment brought to the Centre for a particular function or event. The Association cannot accept responsibility for the safety or security of any goods stored on the premises, and all users should ensure that they have adequate insurance cover for such items.

14.  Loss of Property:  

The Association cannot accept responsibility for damage to, or the loss or theft of, Centre users’ property and effects.

15.  Nuisance:

  1. Litter shall not be left in or about the Centre premises.
  1. Except in the case of trained guide dogs for the blind, dogs and other animals shall only be permitted on the premises in connection with organised activities expressly authorised by the General Committee.
  2. Hirers and organisers of events in the Community Centre are responsible for seeing that the noise levels of their function is not such as to cause inconvenience for the occupiers of nearly houses and property.

16.  Cleaning and Security:   

All use of Centre premises and facilities is subject to the users accepting responsibility for returning all furniture and equipment to their original position, and for securing doors and windows of the premises.  All users shall also leave the premises and surrounds in a clean and tidy condition, and in particular shall sweep the floor and mop up any spills, upon conclusion of their use of the premises.